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Prayer is Rain

If you want to see fruitfulness in any area of your life, business or ministry, you need to pray like rain. What areas of your life are arid and dry? Do you feel like you have been working hard and seeing no results? What have you stopped praying for because you didn’t see the answer quick enough?

Prayer is like rain. Without rain nothing new grows. In fact, without rain, the land soon becomes a desert where life is hard to sustain. But when the rains come, the desert blooms.

When you pray like rain, your prayers soften the ground and springs of water begin to appear. Those springs turn into streams and the streams rivers that flow into lakes. With and abundance of rain everything flourishes.

Prayer like rain is based on 2 prayer principles:

1. The prayer of Persistence - (Read the parable of the persistent widow in Luke 8:1-7.)

2. The Prayer of Faith - (Jesus taught us to pray believing that we have received. Read, Mark 11:23-25)

Elijah prayed like rain (1 Kings 18:41-44). On Mount Carmel, he knelt with his head between his knees in an attitude of prayer. He prayed for rain believing God would answer. Seven times he sent out his servant (persistence) until the rain came (faith).

Daniel prayed like rain (Daniel 10:12-14). He fasted and prayed for 3 weeks until the angel came and gave him the message. Daniel determined to pray till God would give him understanding of the times (faith). Believing that God would answer, he never stopped praying until he got it (persistence). If Daniel had not prayed in faith, believing the answer was coming, God would not have answered. If Daniel had not persisted in prayer, he would have given prematurely and the angel would have lost the battle to get through!

Prayer like rain is praying in faith persistently until we have what we pray for.

When we pray like rain, we will see the REIGN of Christ come down.

I encourage you to pray like rain over our city, our neighbourhood, and as we do, we will see the Holy Spirit soften the spiritually dry, hard ground and turn it into a place of healing and salvation.


Go to the media section of our website and listen to the full message entitled. "Prayer is Rain"

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