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  • Are you in isolation?

  • Are you in a high-risk category and unable to get to the grocery store or pharmacy?

  • Maybe you just need someone to talk to on the phone?

  • Do you have a need but don't know where to find help?

Help is at Hand

We have a number of volunteers from the local community who are able to do shopping, pharmacy pick-ups etc. or are willing to help out in any way they can. We are all facing the challenges of Covid-19 together and aware that many in our community are harder hit by social distancing and self-isolation than others. 


All our volunteers are just neighbours being good neighbours. We love our community and want to help others. While we adhere to strict social distancing guidelines, we can still help those in need.

How to Access Help:
Call the Helpline: 613-692-4542
Email: help@churchinthetick.ca