Prayer Blog #36

We had our first coffee outreach this morning at 6:45am. We set up tents at the two intersections of Bridge Street where the church building is. In two hours we handed out about 50 free coffees to the commuters with an invitation to "The Table." The idea is to raise awareness that we are a church in the community. Next time we'll target the Mahogany Estate entrances to reach the newcomers to our village. Following the outreach was our regular Monday prayer time. Please pray; The Lord brings attention to the invitation cards and they come to "The Table" next Sunday.

1. We heard testimonies of physical healings and inner healings this past week. We continue to pray that Jesus will continue to pour out healing grace on us.

2. Pray for the new Seeking God course starting this Wednesday at the Church. This is an introductory course to help develop discipleship practices that will lead to Triads.

3. Please pray for more volunteers for service teams and for leadership wisdom for the team leaders as they recruit, train, roster and nurture their volunteers.

4. We are in a teaching series on the Ephesians 4 ministry gifts (apostle, prophet, evangelist, shepherd, teacher). God has led us to structure our teams and develop these gifts in the church. Please pray that individuals discover their spiritual gifts and ministry purpose

5. Pray for Joey Molloy, next Sunday at The Table, he will be sharing news about Camp Cherith over the summer and preaching a gospel message. Pray for people to invite people and for souls to be saved.

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