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Prayer Blog #35

The prayer meeting at the Church has changed to a Monday from 9:30-11am. Feel free to drop in at any time. If you can only do 15 mins, you'll be amazed at what God will show you.

- Please pray for our new course starting up, "The Joy of Seeking God First" and ask if you should attend. You can register on our events page.

- The Rural Ottawa Minister's Association is a seed idea to get Ministers and Pastor's in similar rural contexts as us to pray together and support each other in ministry. There is no such meeting currently.

- Pray for the outreach team this coming Monday as they start early in the morning to hand out free coffee to commuters and invite them to "The Table." Please pray for more volunteers and fruit from the invitations.

- The picture of the quivers was given at the prayer meeting. The sense is that the Lord is indicating that we mutually support or partner with another church in a similar context or development stage as we are. There seems to be a common thread of mutual support coming through the prayer time and the picture came during the listening time. Please pray into this and ask for more confirmation if this is the direction the Lord is leading.

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