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Prayer Blog #33

September is here, the kids are back to school and the Fall term has started. Over the Summer we took a break from regular activities and enjoyed a change of pace and rhythm. We are heading back into the new season, having been refreshed and ready to hit the ground with our feet running. Weekly prayer for the church is happening at the church every Friday. We have employed a whiteboard to help with engagement and it is working really well. We start with thanksgiving and have a few item we want to pray about. As we pray, the Holy Spirit prompts us with more and these go on the board. We add scriptures and words as we are led. The result is a prayer board that we are inviting you to pray along with us for the week. In case you cant read our writing the bullet points are below.


  • Pray for the Churches in Manotick. The Presbyterian Church of Canada is debating same sex marriage and heading into the voting rounds. This could potentially cause a split in the denomination. The Anglican church is looking for another Minister as is the Uniting Church I believe.

  • This Sunday is our gospel service "The Table" and part of our evangelism strategy. Pray people invite others to the service and supper afterward. Pray for souls.

  • A new outreach effort is handing out free coffee at the entrance to the new housing estate, and setting up a Facebook group for people that are new to Manotick.

  • We are starting a new Prayer & Praise night.

  • pray for David and Bernadette's wedding Saturday week on the 14th.

  • Souly Business is happening this weekend. Pray for the men to encounter God and be set free.

  • Always be praying for revival.

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