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Put on the Garment of Praise - PB#59

I usually start my prayer time with thanksgiving, this week, I was moved to get into praise for an extended time. It was not long before I started to feel the joy of the Lord and I was singing, clapping and yes, dancing before Him. He met me in the place of praise. The joy of the Lord is our strength. We could sure use more joy right now! As unsophisticated as singing ancient, unaccompanied, out of tune choruses might be, God delights in our simple praise. We might not be able to meet and join our voices together in congregational worship, but I encourage you to re-engage with simplicity in your adoration of our Saviour.


Weekly Prayer Points


This Week's Message

Questions for Triads:

  1. Jesus came to destroy the devil's work. Evil comes in many different forms. Name some ways we encounter evil in society and suggest what Christians might do about it?

  2. We are fully protected by Jesus when we walk according to the Spirit. Unpack what it means to walk in the Spirit.

  3. What takes us out from under the Lord's protection?

  4. What are demons, and what are some of the things they do?

  5. Name the four common doors or entry points for the demonic, and explain how they are opened?

  6. What is the posture the Lord's Prayer teaches us and what must we be 100% assured of when taking a stand against the enemy?

  7. What questions arise from this teaching?

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