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Daily Bread - PB#51

While I was listening to Garth preach on Daily Bread (see this week's message below) I was left with the thought that God has a daily portion of what I need already waiting for me, all I need to do is ask for it. In my mind, I imagined warehouse shelves with my name on it and pidgeon holes with the date on them. Each one filled with what I needed. It got me wondering, how many days go by when I don't ask for what I need? Maybe I try looking to get my needs met elsewhere when God has already provided.

As a Pastor, I am called upon frequently to pray for others. Many times this includes healing. What do you do when someone comes to your door and you find you don't have any bread in your cupboard? (Luke 11:5-13) Ask Jesus! He taught us to pray; "Give US this day..." Your daily bread is not just for you. It includes the portion you need for others who have needs.

Whatever the need, knock on Jesus' door and ask boldly. If you need to, ask someone to pray with you. You never know, God might have put your portion in their daily pigeon hole!


This Week's Prayer Points


A Prayer for Daily Bread - by Sarah Maynard in, "The Prayer of All Prayers"

Father, would you increase your presence in my life; I want to encounter you.

Help me to purposefully pursue communion and intimate fellowship with you.

As I draw near to you, Father, please draw near to me.

As you gave Manna to the Israelites, please mark us also with daily miracles.

Grant me full provision in every area of lack.

Lord, I utterly depend on you for all my needs: financial, emotional, spiritual, relational.

Deliver me from trusting in money; you are my provider, not my employer or bank account.

Provide for the poor in my community and show me how I and my church can serve them well.

Train my heart to be generous and give liberally, so that I could be like you, Jesus.

I need your word: speak to me from your scriptures.

I lean into you, believing you will speak a living word to my heart today.

Increase the gifts of prophecy, teaching and preaching in our church, let the word of God abound.

Lord, would you build an authentic, safe, Christ-centered community in our church.

Let gifts of hospitality thrive and excel in our church, that we would be knit in kingdom fellowship.

May your holy presence be so evident on my life that it would supernaturally impact others, bringing great glory to you.

Awaken such a hunger in my heart that I would not be satisfied with yesterday’s fellowship with you; but would that hunger create a deep desire for a fresh fellowship with you again today, and then again tomorrow and in each day after that.

Lord, give us this day, our daily bread.


This Week's Message

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