Healing 101 Series

As disciples of Jesus, we are called to be like Him. This means we are to go out in the same power of the Spirit to do the things Jesus did. This includes praying for the broken and seeing them healed. This series covers the basics of biblical healing and the practice of how to pray for better results.

Discipleship Series

Jesus told His disciples to go and make disciples but what is discipleship? Is it a Bible study or a short course run by the Church? In this series we take a dive into the world of disciple making.

Standing in Faith Series

This series is about how to stand in faith against the enemy's attack. Paul speaks about spiritual warfare in Ephesian and sums it up using the memorable "Armour of God" passage. We frame this series using the same imagery.  

The Lord's Prayer Series

The Lord's Prayer series started in our audio podcasts before we started video messaging. Check out the podcasts below starting with "Our Father"

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