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Prayer for Children, Youth and Young Adults

Glory Teet

You have made sure that children and infants praise you. Their praise is a wall that stops the talk of your enemies. - Psalm 8:1-2


Whether we think of children and infants in a literal way or as those disciples of the Lord who have childlike faith in Him, it still holds that they can form “walls” or barriers of protection for the Lord. Children can often silence an enemy of God through an innocent question or a naive observation. Just as it takes only a small pin to pop a large balloon, young followers of the Lamb can bring down the pretensions of those who deny God’s hand in creation and his providence.

As we pray today we need to think of how we protect those who can be so mighty in the Lord, but yet so fragile in life. Schools are incredible places of learning, but not all things should be learned. There are sinful exhibitions that our children do not need to see, and there are sinful exaltations that our children do not need to hear.

Pray for the protection of the next generation, pray for the strength to share the gospel with their peers, and pray for the light of Christ not to be shadowed by the temptation of the world.

Prayer Points

Prayer for Children, Youth and Young Adults

  • God’s Love and Light to shine on them; to know they are loved unconditionally

  • Those in poverty in Ottawa to have all the support and opportunities they need to thrive

  • Healthy development of their true identity and worth

  • Physical protection over schools, parks and other places they gather

  • Christian children and youth to grow strong in praise, worship and prayer

  • MCC's Encounter Youth, God will provide the right youth pastor for them

Prayer for Young Adults

  • To be strengthened by good mentors as they begin their adult lives

  • Christian young adults to be encouraged, to have opportunities to lead, and to grow in wisdom

  • Christian young adults to lead many peers to Christ

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